A new winter season has just started… with a range of new proposals for you!

19 December 2019

Snow has fallen, the ski slopes have opened their doors and a great number of skiers and mountain lovers have arrived making them busy.
A new exciting winter season, in short, has started in Cervinia … and at the Excelsior Planet too!

On Friday 29th November we opened the doors of our hotel again, full of a renewed energy and ready to start the 2019-20 season in the finest way.

The summer closure was not useful to recharge our batteries only.
Quite the contrary. Instead of resting, we worked for you,  in order to offer plenty of surprises  and new interesting proposals!

1. Voix des Anges: our newly refurbished restaurant

Ristarante Voix des Anges, Cervinia

Our hotel’s flagship restaurant and kitchen at the Excelsior Planet have always been the strong point of our service and a gastronomic reference in Cervinia.

Lately the level of the supply has remarkably increased thanks to the significant renovation of the building showing a style and a design of the restaurant highly worthy the excellent cooking offer.

Today with a sophisticated and modern interior design, the restaurant perfectly joins the elegant wood paneled walls (wood is the symbol of the mountains), to an original round golden lighting system whose halo-shaped line reminds us of the restaurant name.

To choose this name we were inspired by a local story linked to the character of Luc Meynet, a small cheese producer, also known as “the hunchback of Breuil” because of his physical deformities.

Meynet was engaged as a porter by the mountaineer Edward Whymper when he tried to climb Mount Matterhorn/Monte Cervino. So in this way he was able to make one of his biggest dreams become true, that is, to touch the summit of this imposing mountain.
Meynet tells us that when he finally got to the pick, completely exhausted but extremely happy as well, he seemed to hear “the Voice of Angels”.

Just from here comes the name of our restaurant: Voix des Anges (Voice of Angels, rather).
This is a way to celebrate a beautiful local story and, meantime, to give you an idea of the excellent (we could say: celestial) gourmet dishes we are going to suggest you!

2. Our new logo

You may have already noticed it: it is beautiful, fresh and modern.
It is Monte Cervino. We are talking about our new logo!

The reason why we changed it comes from the great project of restyling and modernisation of the whole hotel, starting from the creation of the new suites and the new Beauty&Wellness Centre to the recently refurbished restaurant.
Next year the Excelsior Planet will be fifty. But we have never stood still meanwhile. We have always wanted to improve our activity and keep up with times (we have already told you in the article The Hotel Excelsior Planet: 50 years of hospitality in the mountains).

Our new logo means just this for us: the Excelsior Planet, with its long history and a hopeful glance at the future.

3. Cashmere gifts for our guests

From this year onwards all our guests will have a nice and warm surprise directly in their rooms on their arrival at the Excelsior Planet: A marvellous cashmere creation by Pinotti!

Sciarpa in cashmere, Pinotti

Pinotti is a historical family-owned Italian brand, born in Forte dei Marmi in 1963.

Over time Pinotti company specialized in producing cashmere clothing and python bags.
Today its name is the synonym for high quality crafts, timeless elegance and Italian excellence in the world.

For these reasons the Excelsior Planet decided to create a new partnership with Pinotti.

This cooperation allows us to go ahead with our ambitious project that aims to promote and tell all our guests about the Italian excellence!

And also this offers us the opportunity to make a useful and precious gift.

Besides finding the special cadeau in your room, you can enjoy some other items by Pinotti, such as scarves, as gloves and hats of different colors, high quality warm clothes for winter, perfect to heat your mountain holidays, in a provided room set up in the hall of the hotel.

4. Our blog to tell you about the hotel and the secrets of Cervinia

Home page blog Hotel

It’s a quite a long time since we have had the great desire to create a space to tell you about our hotel and our region.
A better way to tell you who we really are and give you so many advices, ideas, information for a perfect planning of your holidays in Cervinia.

This blog was born from this desire. It is a new adventure which, we hope, will be amusing for you and for us too, discovering a great number of curiosities and stories about our land.

5. Wine Tasting: our hotel offers a new service

Wine tasting all'Hotel Excelsior Planet di Cervinia

LThe latest news we want to introduce you today is about Wine Tasting.
It’s a new experience opening the doors of our wine-cellar (keeping more than 500 labels) for you. Here you will taste great wines thanks to the expert Matteo Zanetti, the hotel’s owner and an AIS certified sommelier.

For the time being we don’t want to tell you anything else. For further information, you must wait for next blog article… alternatively you can come and visit our hotel!

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