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Cervinia, a jewel of Valle d’Aosta

26 September 2019

Located in the heart of Valle d’Aosta Cervinia is a mountain town worldwide famous for its several recreational activities and its wonderful natural landscape.
If you have ever been there, image it in the wintertime when its beauty is at its finest: a charming mountain town with snow covering the roofed wooden houses.
Along the streets skiers come back from the ski runs, while dreaming a delicious dinner ready on the table and a welcoming fireplace warmth in their rooms.
All around the white surfaces in Valtournenche.
Mount Cervino gave its name to the village shaded and framed by its majestic presence.

Can you image it? Can you feel immersed in the magic atmosphere of Cervinia? Are you ready to set off and discover it? Let’s go!

Cervina: history and geography

Cervinia is situated at 2050 m above sea level on the slopes of Mount Cervino in the Northern part of Valtournenche, one of the most beautiful and famous valleys in Valle d’Aosta. Valtournenche also gives its name to the municipality which Cervinia belongs to.

It is quite likely some of you know its second name: Breuil or Breuil-Cervinia. The reason of this double name is easily explained: Breuil is its ancient French name, whose meaning is “alpine marshy land”, because of the presence of many lakes and water-courses nearby.
Cervinia is the Italian name the village received during the fascist period.

Mount Cervino

At the beginning of its history it was just a mountain pasture and could be attainable from Châtillon after two-day walk.
Nowadays Cervinia has become a famous alpine town thanks to its geographical location at the foot of Mount Cervino.
In fact a great number of alpine climbers, filled with attraction toward this impressive mountain, began to arrive in Cervinia at the end of 1800s with the will to reach its summit.
In the following years the alpine skiing became very popular and Cervinia went on developing: arrived the first ski runs, the first mountain cable-cars, the first hotels and restaurants. Since then the success of this mountain town has never stopped: like more than 100 years ago, still today alpine climbers and mountain lovers come there to plunge into its land and enjoy the adventures it offers.

Cervina: what to do and what to visit

Plenty of recreational activities are available in Cervinia, especially if you visit it in winter.
You can practice winter sports, snow trips, or if your aim is to relax, you can choose less heavy programs such as cultural strolls, grand tastings or relaxing spa days.

Let’s see everything calmly. Here is the list of what you can do and see in Cervinia!


On the Cervinia ski slopes

Obviously skiing (or snowboarding of course!) is in the first place. The carousel Matterhorn Ski Paradise includes the ski runs in Cervinia and the villages of Valtournenche and Zermat (in Switzerland) with 360 km of ski slopes, of which 26 km can be enjoyed in summer too.
It’s not that bad, is it?

For more information read our article Skiing in Breuil-Cervinia: advices, dates and prices about the ski area.

Alternative exciting winter sports

Snowboard indian Parck Cervinia

Besides skiing, Cervinia offers many other sports and activities to do on the snowy expanses. Here are some examples.
You can have fun skating on ice, doing snowmobile or dog sleigh tours. You can also overlook the mountains by paragliding or, why not, plunge in nature walking with snowshoes – ciaspole.
To snowboarders and freestyle enthusiasts Cervinia offers another amazing surprise: the Indian Park! It is a fully equipped 2-hectare snow park where snowboarders can have fun with their acrobatic exhibitions and exciting jumps… all that with great sounds!

Visiting the ice cave

Ice cave, Piccolo Cervino

It is the tallest ice cave in Europe at 4000 m asl, it is located at the end of the cable-car of Piccolo Cervino, above Zermat.
It is a must-see place, famous for its several ice passages and the magic play of light inside this underground cave.

Visiting the lakes in Cervinia

Lago Blu (Blu Lake), Cervinia

As already said Cervinia is surrounded by many lakes, reachable on foot or by car.
Some of them are particularly scenic, such as Lake Blu taking its name and popularity from the breathtaking color of its waters.

Grand and wine tastings

You can’t visit Valle d’Aosta without savouring the several local products this mountain region offers.
From the famous and excellent lard of Arnard to the yummy Fontina produced in the mountain pastures, from the typical Valpellinentze soup to the traditional Carbonada (a beef dish cooked in red wine). Enjoy the strong tastes of Valle d’Aosta cooking.

Polenta and Valdostan cold cuts tasting

This valley is also a land of wines. Don’t miss the high-quality Red, White and Rose DOC wine tastings offered by the local cellars. But if you love distilled spirits you must taste the several grappas produced by the pomaces of grapes cultivated and vinified in the area.
In short, don’t miss anything, taste everything. Your taste buds will thank you.
In case you want to become a chef for a day, why don’t you attend a cooking class to discover the secrets of Valle d’Aosta cooking?

Relaxing in a Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre Le Chalet, Cervinia

Relaxing in a Wellness Centre in Cervinia does not mean to be pampered by massages, saunas, or by bathing in a swimming pool only.
This means much more: you can do all these things while one of the most stunning alpine views surrounds you!

Visiting the mountain villages

First of all don’t renounce taking a stroll along the main street in Cervinia, and if you wish, drink something hot in one of the many coffee-bars you meet along your way.
Then you can go to the other villages in the area: Chatillon (27 km), Saint Vincent (30 km), Aosta (50 km).
In Chatillon you can plunge in the history of Valle d’Aosta and visit its three magnificent castles: the castle of Ussel, the castle of Gamba, the castle of Cly.

castle of Cly, near Chatillon

If you look for relax and wellness instead, visit Saint Vincent. There you can find a welcome wellness centre where you can relax and recreate with its curative thermal pools.
Finally: Aosta, a precious jewel nestled among the mountains. It is also known as “Rome of the Alps”.
This town preserves lots of ancient traces: monuments, arches, bridges, Roman theatres.
Our advice? Relax while walking along the city center and enjoying the charming characteristic atmosphere of this town.

How to get to Cervinia

Obviously the most comfortable way to reach Cervina is by car. Either you come from Piemonte or from France you must take the Torino-Aosta highway (otherwise called European E25 Road) and exit at Châtillon/Saint Vincent. From there onward you drive along the state road while following the road signs to Cervinia for about 28 km.

The train station is not present in Cervinia. The nearest station is at Châtillon/Saint Vincent (you can control the timetable on ; there you can catch a bus up to Cervinia.
You can also reach this town by bus from Turin or Milan with the Savda Company.



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Cervinia, IT

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