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Winter in Cervinia: pampering yourself at the Wellness Centre

21 October 2019

A great climber once said:

Everybody can enjoy the mountains, not only the climbers can: either can those wishing to relax and those looking for a even stronger relaxation in the great fatigue.”
(Guido Rey, Alpinismo Acrobatico)

Everybody can enjoy the mountains. Not only can confident skiers and snowboarders searching for adrenaline, but even you searching for peace and rest.
In the mountains you can find perfect shelters to stray from every day worries and stress: for example Wellness Centres. Here in Cervinia they are real paradise-like high altitude destinations.

After a day on the ski slopes, during a magic heavy snowfall, before coming back to the usual city life: the Wellness Centre is the right choice to be pampered by the mountains and discover its more quietful and reinvigorating side.
Unlike the several spas around this country the Alpine Wellness Centres are one step ahead. Rather two:
The ambience and the breathtaking view.

Let’s do an experiment.
Try to think about winter: about a perfect situation, a pleasant time you might enjoy in the winter time.
You are most likely to think about some warm place, maybe in front of a crackling fireplace and a steaming hot cup in your hand. Or in a similar situation anyway.
Well, a mountain Wellness Centre offers the same atmosphere of peace and serenity.
And it can do it much better as to the warm fireplace and the hot cup it adds saunas, massages, health benefits and much more!
Moreover here everything is surrounded by the stunning view of the snow-covered peaks.

The Wellness Centre “Le Chalet” and the Beauty & Wellness area “Le Grenier”

Take a Spa with a hot tub, a whirlpool bath, sauna etc. Add a Beauty & Wellness Centre with therapies and forefront treatments. Wrap everything around a unique mountain landscape overlooking Mount Cervino.
You will have not only the perfect place for a complete relaxing experience but also exactly our Wellness Centre “Le Chalet”!

Located inside our hotel this Wellness Centre has just an aim: to take care of you.
Two different settings were created to do it: the Spa and the Beauty & Wellness area “Le Grenier”.
The Spa is a place where you lose time perception; the Wellness path includes many different settings, carefully selected.

Firstly, to forget the winter weather outside completely you can relax in the heated swimming pool.
Then, for a more toned and relaxed body a whirlpool bath, sauna and a Turkish bath are waiting for you.

A different experience you may have never enjoyed before is the emotional shower. During these special showers the regenerative power of water is used to create a multi-sensory trail
consisting of chromotherapy, aromatherapy, cold fog and a Scotch shower.

Located on the last floor of the hotel the Beauty and Wellness area “Le Granier” is an exclusive setting where we propose therapies and treatments perfect to reinvigorate body and mind.

This is also the area where the mountain landscape offers its best benefits.
It’s just from here we can enjoy a scenic view of the mountains capped with snow.

Now let’s repeat our experiment.
Let’s close the eyes and think about the most magnificent place where you fancy enjoying a winter day.
Who knows, now we may be dreaming the same place.
A wellness and relaxing place overlooking Mount Cervino.

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